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Zeofiying your brand brings you the advantages of latest technology available in the tech world with features of VoIP calls on data enabled mobile phones with 2G/3G/4G or WiFi even in lowest of bandwidth with unlimited Registration on all major mobile OS platforms.

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What's Special

Yo dialer improves agent efficiency and boosts productivity while reducing costs by offering a wide range of capabilities including:

SMS OTP Registration With Payment Gateway

Yo Also introducing SMS OTP Registration With Payment Gatway and Reseller App...

Yo Supports all major Codecs

Supports all Basic codecs like G729, GSM ,SLIK, iLIB, AMR and G711

Yo is OP code based Application.

OP code can be configured or changed as per customer wish

Supports Social Data Network

Yo Dialer works on all social data Network

Supports Nat Traversal.

Yo Dialer is build on techniques that establish and maintain Internet protocol connections traversing NAT.

Integrated with Switch API.

Yo Dialer integrates with all softswitch API for balance, CDR and Minutes in text

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Both Signalling and Media Encryption is achieved with Zero Latency

Customized Design

White Label Platform with ease for Mobile VoIP services in their own brand

Hosted Platform

Yo Dialer has an option of hosted serivce for Encryption server

Low Bandwidth

Yo Dialer empowers you to run your brand/services even on lowest bandwidth like Edge network


Yo Dialer enables you to run your service on cross mobile platform

& much more...

Full Branding based on your required from website to Dialer including 3rd Party Switch integration

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Structure Design and 3D Visualization

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Structure Design and 3D Visualization

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Structure Design and 3D Visualization

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